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One gold standard: Maintain royal morals,

obtain regal material

Naitikta is a lifestyle company based in Los Angeles with roots from India.

Naitikta, pronounced nai-teek-ta, is the word used for morality in many Indian languages.

In a world of evil intent it is our good duty given by God to live in His divine moral code.

We live in a reality of temptation, vices, mistakes. Naitikta is a lifestyle, brand

and community stamping the importance of getting it the right way. Luxury is cultivated

with patience, truth, and of course, a seasoned taste for fine things. Naitikta lifestyle

moves in one golden standard, maintain royal morals, obtain regal material.

We make it a priority to honor the truth & produce effortlessly fly experiences, all while serving good purpose.

 Just like the goods we produce for our family. 

Our work is to cultivate timeless garments, jewelry, home goods & skin care. 

We are a growing community for the truth seekers and game changers. 

Naitikta is made for community, collaborations, and bringing truth to the forefront. 

Created from a place of good intentions and beautiful balance: LA, India, streetwear, rare elegant pieces, art + community, all wrapped in truth the way it should. 



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